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Discover Our Delicious Homemade Burgers At Our Restaurant In Stratford

Nothing beats a juicy burger when you’re ravenous. So, what makes the perfect burger, and why choose our restaurant in Stratford for your meal this summer?

The best burgers have that winning combination of high-quality ingredients, careful preparation, and attention to detail. When paired with your favourite sides, this will ensure the most succulent, mouth-watering meal. 


If you’re not vegan or a vegetarian, the quality of the meat makes a big difference. You want the fat to be just right to ensure its juiciness and flavour. This is something we do to perfection at our restaurant in Stratford, where all meat is grilled for the ideal finish. 

The right seasoning is key for a great burger. 

We make it easy to choose your seasoning to reflect your tastes. You can therefore enjoy the ideal level of spiciness and hotness. 

At The Grill Stratford, you can also choose from a wide range of sides, including coleslaw, curly fries, spicy wedges or rice, marinated olives, and roasted vegetables.

Burgers grilled to perfection at a leading restaurant in Stratford. 

Along with ingredients, the way meat and other parts of a burger are prepared makes all the difference.  Our cooking technique ensures the most marvellous flavour. We use a hot grill which is a wonderful way to achieve a great sear and caramelisation.

Whether you’re after medium-rare or medium, we can adjust the time based on your desired results. Here are a few of the different burgers we have available:

  • The Smoker, a beef burger topped with our special sauce, caramelised onions, pickled onions and cheese in a brioche bun

  • Frango Burger. Chicken steak grilled to perfection topped with our special sauce, lettuce and cheese in a brioche bun

  • Halloumi Frango Burger. Grilled chicken steak topped with our special sauce, lettuce and halloumi in a brioche bun. 

  • The Mixer. Chicken steak and gourmet beef burger crowned with our special sauce, lettuce and cheese in a brioche bun

  • The Grill Tender, pulled beef slowly cooked in a homemade BBQ sauce topped with our special sauce, salad, red onions, cheese and slaw in a brioche bun

  • The Blazing Crunch, crunchy breaded chicken breast topped with our crunchy nachos, jalapeno peppers, our special sauce, lettuce and cheese in a brioche bun

  • The Dirty Vegan. 100% vegan beef burger topped with caramelised onions, pickled onions, our special sauce, ketchup, pickled cucumber, lettuce and 2 slices of melted vegan cheddar in a soft vegan brioche bun with onion ring on top

  • The Double Decker Stack, featuring chicken rashers sandwiched between two gourmet beef burgers. It’s topped with our special sauce, caramelised onions and cheese in a brioche bun. 

  • Veggie Burger. Made using a vegetables and potato patty coated in breadcrumbs topped with our crunchy nachos, jalapeno peppers, our special sauce, lettuce and cheese in a brioche bun

We always provide buns which complement the particular burger, with brioche buns a sure-fire winner. This will be lightly toasted on the grill to add texture and prevent it from getting soggy.

For many people, their dream burger has to contain cheese. However, the type of cheese must pair well with other ingredients. 


Our skilled chefs in Stratford have an in-depth knowledge of which flavours go well together. 

Many of our burgers contain this ingredient, including our Frango Burger which is made with a juicy chicken steak grilled to perfection topped with our special sauce, lettuce and cheese in a brioche bun

We’re also true experts when it comes to which toppings to use. 

Our restaurant in Stratford uses fresh, crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and crunchy pickles. We also ensure a balance of flavours and textures, whether that involves something creamy (like mayo or avocado), something crunchy (like onions or pickles), and something acidic (like pickles or a splash of vinegar).

Don’t forget the condiments and sauces!

We appreciate that everyone has different tastes and wants to customise their budget. 

That’s why we have a variety of condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayo, barbecue sauce, and special house sauces.

Remember, spread sauces evenly to avoid overpowering the other ingredients! Our restaurant is Stratford is the ideal place to try new combinations of ingredients and flavours.

If the burger is tall, we can provide a skewer to hold it together. As mentioned, all our burgers are handmade, so can easily be customised for your needs. 

Our burgers look as good as they taste. 

They’re ideal for posting on social media if you’re someone who loves sharing your meals with your loved-ones. 

When it comes to handcrafted burgers, The Grill Stratford won’t be surpassed. Our delicious burgers are lovingly-made by our dedicated chefs using the finest ingredients. You can also be assured that all our burgers are made with Halal meat. 

If you’re looking for a burger restaurant in Stratford, discover more reasons to visit us. Or don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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